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Los Angeles, 1999. The government's Law Enforcement Technology Advancement Center has developed a prototype for the ultimate police training device. A virtual reality simulator utilizes the latest artificial intelligence technology to test users' skills as they pursue the computer-generated criminal Sid 6.7, an unnerving composite of humanity at its worst. This sophisticated cat-and-mouse game has deadly consequences as Sid 6.7 finds a way to escape the boundaries of cyberspace.

Ex-cop Parker Barnes is selected as the one with the best chance of stopping Sid 6.7. The stakes are heightened for Barnes when he discovers that one of Sid 6.7's personality components is the man who was responsible for the death of Barnes' wife and daughter. Assisted by criminal-behavior specialist Dr. Madison Carter, Barnes must hunt down the murderous Sid 6.7. in a chase that breaks the barriers between virtual reality and the real world on the eve of a brave new millennium.

British release date: May 31, 1996
Us release date: August 04, 1995

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Us poster from the movie Virtuosity

Main Cast

  • Lt. Parker Barnes
  • Madison Carter
  • SID 6.7
  • Lindenmeyer
  • William Cochran
  • Elizabeth Deane
  • Wallace
  • John Donovan
  • Clyde Reilly
  • Karin Carter
  • Matthew Grimes
  • Sheila 3.2
  • Media Zone Singer
  • Big Red
  • Linda Barnes



$30 000 000

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