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Prisoners of the Lost Universe




A scientist's teleportation device rips a hole in space that leads to another dimension! A bizarre series of accidents sends inventor Dr. Hartmann, beautiful TV reporter Carrie Madison, and martial arts champ Dan through time and into a violent world of swords, warlords and blood-sucking subterranean monsters. Dan's fighting skill's won't be much help after Dr. Hartmann, posing as a wizard, strikes an alliance with Malachi, the barbarian chief, buying his own safety with gifts of powerful "magic" never before seen in this primitive realm - gunpowder and nitroglycerin!

Us release date: August 15, 1983

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Unknown poster from the movie Prisoners of the Lost Universe

Main Cast

  • Dan
  • Carrie Madison
  • Kleel
  • Malachi
  • The Greenman
  • Dr. Hartmann
  • The Manbeast
  • Vosk
  • Shareen
  • Head Trader
  • Treet
  • 1st Prisoner
  • 2nd Prisoner
  • Giant Nabu
  • Waterbeast

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