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The Mysterians




A harvest celebration party is disturbed by unusual natural events and by a gigantic monster which rises from behind the hills. The steel creature begins to destroy everything on its path, obliterating roads and bridges as he heads toward the city. Conventional weapons have no effect on the monster and its destructive rays.

It turns out that the monster is remote-controlled. Astronomers later uncover an imminent alien invasion from the star of Mysterians...

Japanese release date: December 28, 1957
Us release date: May 15, 1959

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Us poster from the movie The Mysterians (Chikyû Bôeigun)

Main Cast

  • Joji Atsumi
  • Etsuko Shiraishi
  • Hiroko Iwamoto
  • Ryoichi Shiraishi
  • Dr. Tanjiro Adachi
  • Gen. Morita
  • Capt. Seki
  • Cmdr. Sugimoto
  • Dr. Nobu Kawanami
  • Leader of the Mysterians
  • The Secretary of Defense Ham
  • Dr. Koda
  • Person at Board Meeting
  • Announcer on TV
  • Doomed Villager

Also Known As

  • Earth Defense Force (inc)
  • Defence Force of the Earth (jp)

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