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The Prisoner




A village in the seaside to which it is only possible to access by helicopter, surrounded an impassable forest kept by a cerbere as powerful as mortal, the Prowler, sort of white sphere, soft and jumping that displaces in a scary howl and mastery or kills a man without difficulty : such is the prison reserved to the ancient agents of British Secret Services who have dismiss...

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British release date: September 29, 1967
British release date: October 08, 1967
Us release date: June 01, 1968

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Unknown poster from the series The Prisoner

Main Cast

  • Number Six
  • Undertaker in opening sequen
  • Man Behind Desk in Title Seq
  • The Butler
  • Supervisor
  • Loudspeaker Announcer

Also Known As

  • Заключенный (inc)

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