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Predator 2




The year is 1997. Mike Harrigan, a cop from Los Angeles, investigates a series of savage murders with no apparent connection. Victims are dealers, cops, and simple pedestrians. The only common bond- all victims are beheaded, carved and left in pieces, with no clue as to the perpetrator.

The assassin is in fact a Predator, an alien who came to Earth to hunt man. This time its' hunting ground is the city...

British release date: May 03, 1991
Us release date: November 21, 1990

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Unknown poster from the movie Predator 2

Main Cast

  • The Predator
  • Lieutenant Mike Harrigan
  • Peter Keyes
  • Danny Archuleta
  • Leona Cantrell
  • Jerry Lambert
  • Captain Phil Heinemann
  • Garber
  • Captain B. Pilgrim
  • Tony Pope
  • King Willie
  • Sergeant
  • El Scorpio
  • Ramon Vega
  • Anna

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