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The Devil-Doll




Two men escape the prison of Devil's Island. One is Paul Lavond, a former banker wrongly imprisoned for murder and swindling; the other is a mad scientist named Marcel. After weeks of escape, they join a small house busy by Malita, Marcel's crippled wife.

She continued the experiences of her husband during his captivity. In a goal purely humanitarian, the two have invented a process to reduce considerably the size of human beings and the impressive quantity of mini dogs is there to testify their success. Unfortunately the shrinking process damages the brain of the victims and although they can no longer act by themselves, it is still possible to control them by the thought of others persons. This evening, Lavond is woken by noises downstairs. He enters Marcel's laboratory and discovers that they come to reduce Lachna, their servant. But Marcel dies of a heart attack. Distraught by the death of her husband, Malita implores Lavond to stay and to continue with her the work of the scientist. However, he has another plan to the mind...
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British release date: December 07, 1936
Us release date: July 10, 1936

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Us poster from the movie The Devil-Doll

Main Cast

  • Paul Lavond
  • Lorraine Lavond
  • Toto
  • Malita
  • Emil Coulvet
  • Mme. Lavond
  • Marcel
  • Lachna
  • Charles Matin
  • Victor Radin
  • Marguerite Coulvet
  • Mme. Coulvet
  • Detective
  • Commissioner

Also Known As

  • The Witch of Timbuctoo (inc)
  • Дьявольская кукла (inc)

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