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Red Planet




In a near future, a team of American astronauts is making the first manned expedition to Mars. Earth is fast becoming unlivable and humanity has turned to other planets for its future. The scientific community has created the Mars Terraforming Project whose goal is to seed Mars with oxygen-producing algae that will generate an oxygen-rich environment capable of sustaining human life.

But, when something goes wrong and oxygen levels sharply drop, a skilled team of specialists must make an emergency mission to land on Mars and attempt to salvage what could be mankind's only hope for survival...
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Australian release date: December 07, 2000
British release date: December 01, 2000
Us release date: November 10, 2000

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Us poster from the movie Red Planet

Main Cast

  • Gallagher
  • Bowman
  • Burchenal
  • Santen
  • Pettengil
  • Chantilas
  • Website Fan
  • Website Fan
  • Voice of Houston (voix)

Also Known As

  • Mars (us)

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