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The Angry Red Planet




A space rocket is launched with a daring crew of four astronauts -- O'Banion, Iris Ryan, Professor Gettell, and Sergeant Sammy Jacobs. They are the first astronauts in the scientific race between nations to attempt to land on Mars, travelling millions of miles in space to a planet where unknown dangers await.

And now the control team on Earth no longer receives a reply to their messages...

Us release date: November 23, 1959

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Us poster from the movie The Angry Red Planet

Main Cast

  • Col. Thomas O'Bannion
  • Dr. Iris 'Irish' R
  • Prof. Theodore Gettell
  • CWO Sam Jacobs
  • Maj. Gen. George Treegar
  • Prof. Paul Weiner
  • Dr. Frank Gordon
  • TV Newscaster / Narrateur /
  • Brig. Gen. Alan Prescott
  • Maj. Lyman Ross
  • Lt. Col. Davis
  • Nurse Hayes
  • Nurse Dixon
  • Dr. Muller
  • Dr. Hawley

Also Known As

  • Journey to Planet Four (inc)
  • Грозная красная планета (inc)
  • Invasion of Mars (us)

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