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Forbidden Planet




The cruiser C57T of the United Planets left its terrestrial base more than a year ago to accomplish a special mission to the planetary system of the first magnitude star : Altaïr. On the approach to Altaïr, the terrestrial flying saucer, headed by commander John J. Adams, slows down and puts in a socket around the fourth planet : Altaïr 4. The mission of the cruiser is to find the survivors of the spaceship "Bellérophon" that landed there 20 years ago and had not been heard of since...

Us release date: March 30, 1956

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Us poster from the movie Forbidden Planet

Main Cast

  • Dr. Morbius
  • Altaira Morbius
  • Commander Adams
  • Lt. 'Doc' Ostrow
  • Lt. Farman
  • Chief Quinn
  • Cook
  • Bosun
  • Crewman Grey
  • Crewman Youngerford
  • Crewman Strong
  • Crewman Randall
  • Crewman Lindstrom
  • Crewman Moran
  • Crewman Nichols

Also Known As

  • Запретная планета (inc)

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