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Planet of the Vampires



Planet of the Vampires

(Terrore nello spazio)
A movie directed by Mario Bava
1965 - 88 minutes - Color - Mono - 1.85 : 1
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Two Terrian spaceships, the Argos under the commandment of Captain Mark Markary and the Galyot under the commandment of Captain Solas, receive a signal from planet Aura. Suddenly victim of the gravitation's speed increase, crew members of the Argos vanish while the spaceship lands on the planet. When they wake up, the crew members become mad and begin to fight each other to death before regaining their minds, thanks to the intervention of the Captain. But the vessel cannot take off. A short-circuit in the battery feeds the curiosity of the events... » Get more informations…

Spanish release date: April 10, 1966
Italian release date: September 15, 1965
Us release date: October 27, 1965

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Us poster from the movie Planet of the Vampires (Terrore nello spazio)

Also Known As

  • Terror en el espacio (es)
  • The Planet of the Damned (inc)
  • The Planet of Terror (inc)
  • The Outlawed Planet (inc)
  • The Haunted World (inc)
  • The Haunted Planet (inc)
  • Terror in Space (inc)
  • Space Mutants (inc)
  • Planet of Blood (inc)
  • Планета вампиров (inc)
  • The Demon Planet (us)

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