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The First Man Into Space



The First Man Into Space

(First Man Into Space)
A movie directed by Robert Day
1959 - 77 minutes - Black & White - Mono - 1.66 : 1
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Dan Prescott, a headstrong test pilot, ignore his orders from his commanding officer and brother and flies an experimental rocket higher into space than any man has ever been before. Out of radio contact with mission control, and alone in the vast expanse of space, his craft is bombarded with deadly cosmic rays.

A few hours later the wreckage of his spacecraft is found but with no signs of its occupant. Reports then follow of first cattle then humans being maimed and killed; in each case the victim being drained of blood...
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Us release date: February 27, 1959

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Us poster from the movie The First Man Into Space (First Man Into Space)

Main Cast

  • Cmdr. Charles Ernest Prescot
  • Tia Francesca
  • Lt. Dan Milton Prescott
  • Capt. Ben Richards
  • Police Chief Wilson
  • Dr. Paul von Essen
  • Mexican Consul - Ramon de Gu
  • State Dept. Official, Harold
  • Ratings Control Room
  • Ratings Control Room
  • Ratings Control Room
  • Witney
  • Clancy (also as William R. N
  • Secretary (also as Helen For
  • Truck Driver

Also Known As

  • Satellite of Blood (inc)

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