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Velocity Trap




It is the year 2150, and electronic crime and interstellar piracy rule the galaxy. Facing unlawful murder charges, Police officer Raymond Stokes is reassigned to escort the Federal Banking Ship USF Atlantic and $40,000,000,000 through the Bermuda Triangle of space: The Velocity Run. With only Beth Sheffield, the ship's navigator to assist him, all his strength is put to the test when everything on board is threatened by an oncoming 600 million ton asteroid, and a we-armed team of thieves that have docked alongside the USF Atlantic.

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Unknown poster from the movie Velocity Trap

Main Cast

  • ED Officer Raymond Stokes
  • Beth Sheffield, FED 397 Navi
  • Nick Simmons, Endeavor'
  • Alice Pallas
  • Capt. 'Turd' Fenne
  • Delacruz 'Cruz' FE
  • Simms, Endeavor Crew
  • Fallout, Endeavor Crew
  • Franklin J. Robinson, ED Off
  • John Dawson, RMC Corp.
  • Dana, Dawson's Contract
  • Hilyard, Dawson Henchman
  • Dunn, Dawson Henchman
  • Samuel Nelson, Chief of Secu
  • The Assassin / Computer (vo


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