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Pickman's Muse




Robert Pickman has become obsessed by visions of unworldly horror, revealed to him through an ancient artifact discovered in an abandoned church. His doctor and friend, Ambrose Dexter is soon drawn into the mysteries surrounding Pickman's newfound obsession, and struggles to combat forces determined to drag Pickman down the inevitable road to madness. Based on H.P. Lovecraft's, HAUNTER OF THE DARK. (Pickman)

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Unknown artwork from the movie Pickman's Muse

Main Cast

  • Robert Pickman
  • Dr. Dexter
  • Goodie Hines
  • Land Lady
  • Richard
  • Niece
  • Security Guard 1
  • Security Guard 2
  • Security Guard 3
  • Security Guard 4
  • Police Officer 1
  • Police Officer 2
  • Art Dealer
  • City Clerk 1
  • City Clerk 2


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