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The Phantom Creeps




Dr. Alex Zorka is the creator of several wondrous devices that a former partner asks him to contribute to the U. S. Government, but he decides to use for his own benefit and ultimately world domination. With foreign spies desperate to get their hands on Dr. Zorka's inventions, the U.S. Government sends in Captain Bob West of the Military Intelligence Department to find the doctor and stop both him and the spies before either can use the devices for their evil purposes...

Us release date: October 17, 1939

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Us poster from the movie The Phantom Creeps

Main Cast

  • Dr. Alex Zorka
  • Capt. Bob West
  • Jean Drew
  • Dr. Fred Mallory
  • Lt. Jim Daly
  • Monk
  • Jarvis - Spy Chief [Chs. 2-1
  • Ann Zorka [Chs. 1-2]
  • Rankin - Henchman [Chs. 2-12
  • Perkins - Mallory's Lab
  • Al - Guard [Ch. 5]
  • Train Engineer [Ch. 6]
  • Skipper [Ch. 9]
  • Mac - AMI Agent [Chs. 2-12]
  • Signalman [Ch. 10]

Also Known As

  • The Shadow Creeps (inc)

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