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The Mole People




At a Sumerian site, archeologists experience an earthquake, fall through a crevice and find themselves trapped in an underground city inhabited by an albino race that use strange humanoid mole creatures as burrowing slaves. Initially the albinos believe that the intruders are gods, but when their leader Elinu suspects that the archeologists are not who they seem, the albinos prepare them for execution...

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Us poster from the movie The Mole People

Main Cast

  • Dr. Roger Bentley
  • Adad
  • Dr. Jud Bellamin
  • Elinu, the High Priest
  • Prof. Etienne Lafarge
  • Dr. Paul Stuart
  • Nazar
  • First Officer
  • Lui-même (in introduction)

Also Known As

  • Подземное население (inc)

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