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Lost in Space




On October 16th, 1997, the Robinson family take off on board Jupiter 2, for the first colonization mission of Alpha Centauri for an expected duration of five and a half years. The crew is comprises of Professor John Robinson, the leader of the expedition, his wife Maureen, his two daughters, Judy and Penny, his son Will, Don West, the pilot of the spaceship and the Robot, fully fledged friend and protector of the family.

However, a spy working for another country, Dr. Zachary Smith, infiltrates on board and sabotages the mission hoping to destroy the Jupiter II eight hours after its launch. But Smith is trapped on board. The change in the ship's weight makes the spaceship to drift toward a meteorite shower that unsettles its guidance system. The Jupiter II and the Robinson family are "Lost in Space"...

British release date: October 02, 1965
Us release date: September 15, 1965

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Unknown artwork from the series Lost in Space

Also Known As

  • Затерянные в космосе (inc)
  • Space Family Robinson (us)

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