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The Thirteenth Floor




On the thirteen floor of an office block, Douglas Hall, along with his boss Hannon Fuller, have created 1937 Los Angeles on a computer chip. When Fuller is murdered, Hall immediately becomes the prime suspect and must enter through the thirteenth floor in search of the truth. A beautiful woman who suddenly appears on the scene may hold the key to the mystery.

German release date: November 25, 1999
Us release date: May 28, 1999

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Us poster from the movie The Thirteenth Floor

Main Cast

  • Douglas Hall / John Ferguson
  • Hannon Fuller / Grierson
  • Jane Fuller / Natasha Molina
  • Jason Whitney / Jerry Ashton
  • Detective Larry McBain
  • Detective Zev Bernstein
  • Tom Jones
  • Joe
  • Jane's Lawyer
  • Ellen
  • Cop #1
  • Bellhop
  • Concierge
  • Chauffeur
  • Natasha's Roommate



$16 000 000

Also Known As

  • The 13th Floor - Bist du was du denkst? (de)
  • Abwärts in die Zukunft (de)
  • The 13th Floor (us)

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