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Mr. Peek-A-Boo




A French clerk discovers he has the ability to walk through walls. Although friends try to coax him into a life of crime, he instead comes to the aid of an English girl who is being blackmailed...

French release date: March 22, 1951

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French poster from the movie Mr. Peek-A-Boo (Le passe-muraille)

Main Cast

  • Léon Dutilleul
  • Susan
  • Maurice
  • Félix Burdin
  • Gaston
  • Le médecin-spécial
  • Un employé au minist&#x
  • Mrs. Eloise
  • ...
  • La dame du deuxième
  • Mme Ménard, la concierg
  • La sud-américaine
  • M. Robert
  • Arturo
  • Gustave Lécuyer



Also Known As

  • Garou-Garou, le passe-muraille (fr)
  • Garou Garou, le passe-muraille (inc)
  • Garù garù (it)

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