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The Outpost




A scientific experiment designed to create a superhuman being has gone wrong. The creation became trapped in a remote desert outpost, pursued relentlessly and mercilessly by their own creation. James Stockton, the scientist whose research was used despite his protests to create the monster, is called to the outpost to help undo the horror that now lurks somewhere within the dark halls. James, together with his son and daughter, soon find themselves trapped inside with the others, trying desperately to survive. And with the outpost sealed from within, there is no way out...

Us release date: October 08, 1995

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French poster from the movie The Outpost

Also Known As

  • Mind Ripper (inc)
  • Wes Craven Presents Mind Ripper (inc)
  • Wes Craven's 'The Mindripper' (inc)
  • Hills Have Eyes Part 3 (us)

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