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Clockwork Orange




Alex, the humble narrator of this story, retraces for us the tedious events that made out of him a star of the newspapers. The drama begins during an apparently common evening for Alex and his three friends, Dim, Pete and Georgie, that he calls his " drougs ". Under the effect of drugs, they beat a tramp, steal a car, and rape a woman under the eyes of his husband, the writer Alexander, before finishing their orgy of violence by confronting Billyboy and his boys, a rival band. An evening as the others for these four young peoples, that Alex finishes at his parent’s home, by lulling to the sound of Beethoven...

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British release date: January 13, 1972
Us release date: February 02, 1972

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Unknown poster from the movie Clockwork Orange (A Clockwork Orange)

Main Cast

  • Alex
  • Mr. Alexander
  • Chief Guard
  • Dim
  • Stage Actor
  • Mrs. Alexander
  • Dr. Brodsky
  • Tramp
  • Lodger
  • Prison Gouverneur
  • Catlady
  • Georgie
  • Deltoid
  • Prison Chaplain
  • Mum



Also Known As

  • Stanley Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange (us)

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