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Blind Date




After a violent shock, Jonathan Ratcliffe loses his eye sight. Then, he agrees to experiment with a system that will allow him, thanks the help of a computer interface and cerebral collectors, to perceive his environment with light rays.

Meanwhile a dangerous psychopath, cab driver, kidnaps girls to archieve some mortal dissections by hits of scalpel. Jonathan and the psycho-killers paths are going to cross, and the blind man is going to do everything to stop the killer...

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French poster from the movie Blind Date

Main Cast

  • Jonathon Ratcliff
  • Claire Simpson
  • Dave
  • Rachel
  • Dr. Steiger
  • Robert
  • Subway Gang Member
  • Subway Gang Member
  • Subway Gang Member
  • Hooker
  • Murdered Lover
  • Murdered Lover
  • Production Manager
  • Crazy Old Man
  • First Victim

Also Known As

  • Matia mesa sti nyhta (gr)
  • Deadly Seduction (inc)

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