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They Saved Hitler's Brain




It seems Hitler's head is being kept alive on Mandoras, a tiny Caribbean island controlled by Nazis. "Mr. H" and his buddies are planning on spraying every major city with a deadly nerve gas, then take over the world. Only Professor John Coleman and his antidote stand in their way. When John is kidnapped, his son-in-law Phil, and daughter Kathy fly to his rescue. Mandoras is crawling with Germans, but luckily Phil is helped by the Chief of Police and His Excellency...

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French poster from the TV movie They Saved Hitler's Brain

Main Cast

  • Phil Day
  • Kathy Coleman 'K.C.' Day
  • Camino Padua / Teo Padua
  • Prof. John Coleman
  • Frank Dvorak
  • David Garrick
  • Tom Sharon
  • Suzanne Coleman
  • Police Chief Alaniz
  • Presidente Juan Padua
  • Adolf Hitler
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