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Thunderbirds Are Go




The excitement begins as Zero X, a 21st Century spacecraft, is leaving the earth's atmosphere bound for Mars with five men on board. The craft is suddenly blasted by a mysterious explosion. Sabotage! Can the Tracy team uncover the perpetrators and save the next launch? Be there as that urgent call comes in and Thunderbirds are Go...

British release date: December 15, 1966

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Us poster from the movie Thunderbirds Are Go (Thunderbirds Are GO)

Main Cast

  • Jeff Tracy (voice)
  • Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward
  • Scott Tracy (voice)
  • Virgil Tracy / Space Explora
  • Alan Tracy / Messenger (voic
  • Gordon Tracy / Brains / Aloy
  • John Tracy / The Hood (voice
  • Tin-Tin Kyrano (voice)
  • Captain Paul Travers (voice)
  • Space Captain Greg Martin (v
  • Dr. Ray Pierce (voice)
  • Space Navigator Brad Newman
  • Dr. Tony Grant / Angry Young

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