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On a frontier light years from OK Corral, a bizarre gang of futuristic desperados have their sights set on turning the tumbleweed town of Oblivion into their own private playground. Their lizard-like leader Redeye, pumps lawman Marshall Stone full of lead in a deadly shootout just outside of Miss Kitty's Kat House and begins terrorizing the town's inhabitant. Meanwhile, Stone's long-lost pacifist son Zack and his "native" sidekick Buteo are escorted into town by the eerie undertaker Gaunt to pay their respects at the Marshall's funeral. Rendered helpless by Redeye, the tough as nails Cyborg Deputy and the Marshall's old friend Doc Valentine team up with Zack to take back the troubled town in a final unearthly showdown...

Us release date: February 03, 1995

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Unknown artwork from the movie Oblivion

Main Cast

  • Zack Stone
  • Mattie Chase
  • Redeye / Einstein
  • Stell Barr
  • Buster
  • Miss Kitty
  • Gaunt
  • Doc Valentine
  • Lash
  • Buteo
  • Bork
  • Marshall Stone
  • Wormhole
  • Spanner
  • Two Head

Also Known As

  • Welcome to Oblivion (us)

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