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Target Earth




A flying saucer rises in the sky, projecting a ray with strange properties. All the exposed people sees their behavior changed in a significant manner. Sam Adams, a detective, inquiry on this worrisome affair. He wants to find back a six years old girl, Tammy, who disapeared since the "aliens" appeared. The young girl reappears soon. She does not return with empty hands. Sam is stupefied : she brings a message coming from the creatures of outer space. But their intentions are not the clearest...

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Us release date: February 05, 1998

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French poster from the TV movie Target Earth

Main Cast

  • Mrs Darlington
  • Paul Jackson
  • Raymond
  • Agent Vincent Naples, FBI
  • Det. Samuel 'Sam' Adams
  • Chip Harley
  • Mrs. Lippman
  • Mr. Lippman
  • Karen Mackaphe
  • Tammy Mackaphe, Karen's Daug
  • Sheriff Maxwell Pierce
  • Dep. Madeline Chandler
  • Senator Ben Arnold, Sam's Un
  • Carrie
  • FBI Agent

Also Known As

  • Taken Away (us)

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