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Night Shadows




While on vacation, two brothers discover a small town's hideous secret. A nearby chemical plant has been dumping toxic waste just outside of town, turning the townspeople into contaminated, mutant zombies. Now, there's nowhere to run as the growing army of blood thirsty ghouls take over the town and devour the remaining humans, one by one...

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Us poster from the movie Night Shadows

Main Cast

  • Josh Cameron
  • Sheriff Will Stewart
  • Holly Pierce
  • Mike Cameron
  • Albert Hogue
  • Billy
  • Dr. Myra Tate
  • Jack
  • Mrs. Mapes
  • Mel
  • Captain Tom Dawson
  • Vic
  • Harve
  • Art
  • Mr. Mitchell

Also Known As

  • Mutant (uk)
  • Pestilence (us)
  • The Pestilence (us)
  • Toxic Waste (us)

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