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The UFO Incident




Betty and Barney Hill were driving home from Montreal to Portsmouth, New Hampshire at night, when they saw an unidentified flying object. A few miles on they heard a beeping sound and both suffered amnesia (an unusual phenomenon in itself) about what happened next, arriving home in a daze two hours later than planned. After two years of nightmares and anxiety-related illness, they sought professional help and, through hypnosis, recovered memories of the lost hours from that night. They remember being stopped in the road and led into an alien spacecraft... (blackholereviews)

Us release date: October 20, 1975

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Us artwork from the TV movie The UFO Incident

Main Cast

  • Barney Hill
  • Betty Hill
  • Dr. Benjamin Simon
  • Gen. James Davison
  • Lt. Col. Jack MacRainey
  • Lisa MacRainey
  • Examiner
  • The Leader

Also Known As

  • Interrupted Journey (us)

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