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When zoologist Dr Sheila Casper is summoned to the sleepy desert town of Gallup, Texas, she finds a community shaked by unexplained fatal attacks by bats. Teaming up with the town's sheriff, Emmett Kimsey, Sheila has to try and discover who these unusually harmless mammals have suddenly become vicious, bloodthirsty killers.

Investigations begin to suggest that someone has tampered with nature, causing the bats to mutate into genetic monsters, swooping down to attack every living thing in their path. With the only safety brought by daylight, Sheila and Kimsey embark on a daring mission to stop the growing tide of bloody devastation before night falls and the bats search out more and more of their prey...

British release date: June 23, 2000
Us release date: October 22, 1999

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Us poster from the movie Bats

Main Cast

  • Sheriff Emmett Kimsey
  • Dr. Sheila Casper
  • Dr. Alexander McCabe
  • Jimmy Sands
  • Dr. Tobe Hodge
  • Deputy Wesley Munn
  • Mayor Amanda Branson
  • Dr. Swanbeck
  • Quint
  • Emma
  • Sergeant James
  • Major Reid
  • Chaswick
  • Major #2
  • Bartender


$6 500 000

Also Known As

  • Blood Moon (us)

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