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A alien with an appetite for blood and disembowelment is set loose on a small town when its spacecraft crashes and explodes. When sheriff Jack Cinder and the local militia arrive on the scene to investigate, a violent battle ensues, leaving only Jack, his sensuous lady deputy and a wild-eyed redneck as survivors. With a corrupt mayor unwilling to stand up against the Nightbeast's reign of carnage and destruction, it's up to Jack to evacuate the townsfolk and save the day. The question is, will he be able to do it in time?

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Unknown artwork from the movie Nightbeast

Main Cast

  • Sheriff Cinder
  • Jamie
  • Lisa Kent
  • Steven Price
  • Drago
  • Ruth Sherman
  • Mary Jane
  • Mayor Bert Wicker
  • Greg
  • Kim
  • Suzie
  • Glenn
  • Glenn's Girl
  • Hunter
  • Hunter

Also Known As

  • Night Beast (us)
  • Terror from the Unknown (us)

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