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The Ninth Configuration




In an experimental government center for troubled Vietnam veterans, the inmates run the asylum. One works on an adaptation of Shakespeare... for dogs. Another fancies himself a caped superhero. Still others masquerade as frogmen, nurses, nuns, pirates, doctors. Yet the psychiatrist in charge eyes all with a stoic reserve. Maybe too stoic: there's a mystery here. And its final resolution is like a thunderclap...

Us release date: February 29, 1980

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Us poster from the movie The Ninth Configuration

Main Cast

  • Col. Vincent Kane
  • Capt. Billy Cutshaw
  • Lt. Frankie Reno
  • Col. Richard Fell
  • Maj. Marvin Groper
  • Capt. Fairbanks
  • Maj. Nammack
  • Lt. Bennish
  • Lt. Spinell
  • Lt. Gomez
  • Sgt. Krebs
  • 1st Cyclist (Stanley)
  • 2nd Cyclist (Richard)
  • Sgt. Gilman
  • Highway Patrolman


Also Known As

  • Twinkle, Twinkle, Killer Kane (inc)

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