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The year is 2005. Information is everything and controlling the Internet means controlling the world's balance of power. Alex Michaels is the commander of NetForce, an elite arm of the FBI whose mission is to protect the Net from organised crime and terrorism. Its war zone is a place where both the real and virtual worlds collide.

In the aftermath of a top level assassination within NetForce, Michaels is assigned the task of tracking down the killer. But as the investigation unfolds he finds himself not only on the trail of a ruthless murderer but also drawn into a conspiracy that threatens to trigger a catastrophe of global proportions...

Us release date: February 01, 1999

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French poster from the TV movie NetForce

Main Cast

  • Alex Michaels
  • Toni Fiorelli
  • Bo Tyler
  • Lowell Davidson
  • Steve Day
  • Sandra Knight
  • Will Stiles
  • Leong Cheng
  • Megan Michaels
  • Col. John Howard
  • Jay Gridley
  • Johnny Stompato
  • Fox
  • ...
  • Susan 'Susie' Mich

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