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The Neptune Factor




Deep in the Atlantic, the Ocean Lab II, a state-of-the-art underwater habitat, house a team of scientists studying man's ability to live on the ocean floor. When violent undersea earthquakes send the lab sliding down into a trench, a rescue team is assembled to locate the damaged station and save any survivors. In the cold depths, no man is welcome, and nothing could prepare the team for the bizarre - and deadly - world lurking below!

Canadian release date: June 26, 1973
Us release date: August 03, 1973

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Us poster from the movie The Neptune Factor

Main Cast

  • Cmdr. Adrian Blake
  • Dr. Samuel Andrews
  • Chief Diver Don MacKay
  • Dr. Leah Jansen
  • Diver Bob Cousins
  • Capt. Williams
  • Dr. Hal Hamilton
  • Diver Dave Moulton
  • Brigs, Triton Radioman
  • Diver Phil Bradley
  • Dr. Norton Shepherd
  • Warrant Officer
  • Dobson
  • Diver Stephens
  • Diver Thomas

Also Known As

  • An Underwater Odyssey (inc)
  • Conquest of the Deeps (us)
  • The Neptune Disaster (us)

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