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Three astronauts left for a seven month mission into space are unable to return to earth. A desperate rescue will be atempted in order to save them in the next 42 hours, survey time granted by their oxygen reserves...

British release date: January 29, 1970
Us release date: December 11, 1969

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Us poster from the movie Marooned

Main Cast

  • Charles Keith
  • Jim Pruett
  • Ted Dougherty
  • Clayton Stone
  • Buzz Lloyd
  • Celia Pruett
  • Teresa Stone
  • Betty Lloyd
  • Public Affairs Officer
  • Air Force Systems Director
  • Flight Director
  • Flight Surgeon
  • Aerospace Journalist
  • Mission Director
  • Houston Cap Com

Also Known As

  • Отрезанные от мира (inc)
  • Потерянные (inc)
  • Space Travelers (us)

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