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An embezzler and his daughter crash their plan in the jungles of Africa. Young Doreen is the sole survivor and befriends a gorilla, Samson, who becomes her guardian. Ray Gorman is out to clear the name of his father, who is falsely accused of stealing the money. Ray is unaware that he is being trailed in the jungle by scheming couple Carl and Marie intent on stealing the treasure that is guarded by a White Witch and her ape companion. The parties clash in double-crossing treachery that unleashes the fury of Samson...

British release date: July 17, 1944
Us release date: January 25, 1944

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Us poster from the movie Nabonga

Main Cast

  • Ray Gorman
  • Doreen Stockwell
  • Carl Hurst
  • Marie
  • White Hunter
  • T.F. Stockwell
  • Tobo
  • Doreen Stockwell, as a child
  • Samson the Gorilla

Also Known As

  • The Jungle Woman (inc)
  • Gorilla (us)
  • Nabonga [Gorilla] (us)
  • The Girl and the Gorilla (us)

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