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The Andromeda Strain




The space probe "Scoop" crashes on Earth near Piedmont, a small township of 68 residents in New-Mexico. The probe has returned from space with a lethal virus that seems to have killed the little population of the city, instantaneously transforming the blood of its victims into powder. The government requisitions and sends out researchers and a scientist team in order to find a cure for the disease, hopefully before this one spreads beyond the city. The four scientists, Dr. Jeremy Stone, Charles Dutton, Mark Entrance and Ruth Leavitt are now envolved in the project "Wildfire"...

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Unknown poster from the movie The Andromeda Strain

Main Cast

  • Dr. Jeremy Stone
  • Dr. Charles Dutton
  • Dr. Mark Hall
  • Dr. Ruth Leavitt
  • Karen Anson
  • Jackson
  • Major Manchek
  • Dr. Robertson
  • Grimes
  • Général Sparks
  • Senator from Vermont
  • Lt. Shawn (Piedmont team)
  • Sgt. Crane (Piedmont team)
  • Wildfire Computer Sgt. Burk
  • Lt. Comroe


Also Known As

  • Штамм Андромеда (inc)

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