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An innocent college student is thrown into a world of bizarre adventure after finding "The Guyver," an alien device that transforms him into a powerful fighting machine. CIA agent Max Reed is determined to keep the secret device from falling into the hands of the evil Zoanoids, humans who mutate into monstrous soldiers. Epic battles between the forces of good and evil...

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Unknown poster from the movie Guyver

Main Cast

  • Dr. Tetsu Segawa
  • Striker
  • Ramsey
  • Lisker
  • Weber
  • Max Reed
  • Sean Barker / The Guyver
  • Craig
  • Mizky Segawa
  • Ms. Jenson
  • Aikido Instructor's Assistan
  • Col. Castle
  • Fulton Balcus
  • Ronnie
  • Quinton


No available information for now.


Also Known As

  • The Guyver (us)

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