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Mutiny in Outer Space




Upon returning to their outer space orbiting station after an exploratory mission to the moon, Webber, one of two astronauts, dies of a fungus infection. Faith Montaine, the station biochemist, begins an analysis of the samples brought back by Webber and Towers, his colleague. The station doctor, Hoffman, also contracts the infection and joins Towers in recommending that Earth be notified. Colonel Cromwell, afraid of being recalled, overrules the suggestion, and Tower's and Hoffman's attempt to make contact is foiled by Connie, the communication officer who is in love with Cromwell. A collision with meteors tears a hole in the outer wall of the station, and fungus from the laboratory escapes and surrounds the station. Realizing that the fungus thrives on heat, Hoffman puts himself in a refrigerated tube while Towers leads a mutiny, refrigerates the station, and contacts Earth. Earth scientists then surround the station with sub-zero particles to kill the fungus. (TCM)

Us release date: March 03, 1965

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Us poster from the movie Mutiny in Outer Space

Main Cast

  • Maj. Gordon Towers
  • Faith Montaine
  • Lt. Connie Engstrom
  • Col. Frank Cromwell
  • Sgt. Andrews
  • Dr. Hoffman
  • Sgt. Sloan
  • Maj. Olsen
  • Dr. Stoddard
  • Gen. Knowland
  • Sgt. Engstrom
  • Capt. Stevens
  • ...
  • Capt. Dan Webber
  • ...

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