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Murder in space




The crew of a multi-national space probe is being systematically killed off and the problem faced by ground control, the CIA and the KGB is whether to let the craft land, possibly permitting the killer to escape through political hanky panky, or keep it aloft until the mystery is solved, while the number of those aboard dwindles. An additional twist to this whodunit, created by Levinson and Link using the noms-de-plume "Wesley Ferguson" to keep the secret, was airing it initially without the conclusive final half hour, allowing SHOWTIME subscribers to unravel the mystery for large cash prizes. It subsequently was shown in its entirety... (TCM)

Us release date: July 28, 1985

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Us poster from the TV movie Murder in space (Murder in Space)

Main Cast

  • Dr. Andrew McCallister
  • Capt. Neal Braddock
  • Alexander Rostov
  • Col. Alexander Kalsinov
  • Maj. Kurt Steiner
  • Irene Tremayne
  • David Tremayne
  • Mitch Carlino
  • Dr. Phillipe Berdoux
  • Jeffrey Kilbride
  • Gregory Denarenko
  • Olga Denarenko
  • Pamela Cooper
  • Dr. Margaret Leigh
  • Dominica Mastrelli


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