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Mr. Stitch




A mad scientist with dreams of becoming a modern-day Dr. Frankenstein gives life to a being he pieced together from random body parts. His creation, however, begins to become aware of memories from the people used to assemble him, so the doctor makes another being with a singular purpose--to destroy the first creation...

Us release date: August 17, 1996

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Us poster from the TV movie Mr. Stitch

Main Cast

  • Docteur Rue Wakeman
  • Lazarus
  • Stevo
  • Rowland
  • Red-Haired Skull Soldier
  • Over Zealous Soldier
  • Thorn Gardener
  • Clay Gardener
  • Sandy Gardener
  • Docteur Elizabeth English
  • Docteur Frederick Texarian
  • Docteur Al Jacobs
  • Général Hardcastle
  • Lieutenant Periainkle
  • Voice of Security Computer


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