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A hideous horde of mutated mosquitoes viciously attacks a park full of innocent campers without warning. A desperate race against time and terror ensues as a small band of survivors flee the bloodthirsty swarm in a death-defying attempt to warn the world of the mosquito menace. Led by a brave young couple and a resourceful government agent, the survivors realize that their only hope is to hunker down for a final showdown with blood-thirsty bugs...

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French poster from the movie Mosquito

Main Cast

  • Earl the Bankrobber
  • Hendricks the Park Ranger
  • Parks USAF Meteor Chaser
  • Megan the new Park Ranger
  • Ray, Megan's Boyfriend
  • Junior, Earl's Brother
  • Rex, Earl's Cousin
  • Camper Steve
  • Camper Mary
  • Ranger Tony
  • Fisherman Jack
  • Chief F.B. Marrow
  • Willis Cabins Motel Propriet
  • Ma Jones
  • Pa Jones


No available information for now.

Also Known As

  • Blood Fever (inc)
  • Nightswarm (inc)

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