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Moscow - Cassiopea




In this children's sci-fi adventure, a crew of adolescents are sent to a distant star within the constellation Cassiopeia in the hopes that by the time they arrive as adults. However, they reach their destination much sooner than expected, and various teenage problems get in the way. (Sandra Brennan, All Movie Guide)

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Unknown artwork from the movie Moscow - Cassiopea (Moskva-Kassiopeya)

Main Cast

  • I.O.O.
  • Victor Sereda
  • Pasha Kozelkov
  • Blagovidov
  • Filatov
  • Misha Kopanygin
  • Fedya Lobanov
  • Ogon-Duganovsky
  • Varya Kuteishchikova
  • Kurochkin
  • Yulia Sorokina
  • Katya Panfyorova
  • Kondraty Panteleimonovitch
  • Antonina Alekseevna
  • Journalist


No available information for now.

Also Known As

  • Start zur Kassiopeia (inc)
  • Москва-Кассиопея (inc)
  • Moscow: Cassiopea (inc)

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