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Snow Demons




Big, hairy and very scary. When a Himalayan weather station is smashed to smithereens by creatures who leave super-sized footprints, suspicion falls on Abominable Snowmen. A heroic expedition braves snow-whipped precipices and discovers the dreaded humanoids. But wait - these are extraterrestrial yetis who zipped in from outer space to conquer Earth by melting the polar ice caps with high-energy proton fields. Will mankind be global-warmed into surrender?

Italian release date: January 18, 1967

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Us poster from the movie Snow Demons (La morte viene dal pianeta Aytin)

Also Known As

  • The Devil Men from Space (inc)
  • The Snow Devils (int)
  • I diavoli dello spazio (it)
  • Gamma I Quadrilogy Vol. 4 (us)
  • Space Devils (us)

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