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Dr. Susan Wheeler suspects her colleagues of foul play when her closest friend lapses into a coma following a routine operation. When Wheeler discovers a suspiciously frequent pattern of unexplained comas in her hospital, she becomes obsessed with finding an answer, even when it puts her own career and life in danger. Her lover, Dr. Bellows, admits there is a mystery but doubts there is a conspiracy and even suspects Wheeler of suffering from a nervous breakdown. The tension builds as Wheeler's investigation leads her to a secret corporation specializing in organ transplant experimentation and sale for profit, and she soon witnesses the defining image of the film: comatose bodies suspended on wires in a computer-controlled environment...

British release date: November 10, 1978
Us release date: January 06, 1978

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Us poster from the movie Coma

Main Cast

  • Dr. Susan Wheeler
  • Dr. Mark Bellows
  • Mrs. Emerson
  • Dr. George
  • Dr. Harris
  • Nancy Greenly
  • Dr. Morelind
  • Computer Technician
  • Kelly
  • Jim
  • Dr. Marcus
  • Vince
  • Chief Resident
  • Nurse
  • Sean Murphy

Also Known As

  • Кома (inc)

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