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When a U.S. space shuttle is stolen in a midair abduction, only Bond can find the evil genius responsible. The clues point to billionaire Hugo Drax, who has devised a scheme to destroy all human life on earth!

As Bond races against time to stop Drax's evil plot, he joins forces with Dr. Holly Goodhead, a NASA scientist who is as beautiful as she is brilliant. And 007 needs all the help he can get, for Drax's henchman is none other than Bond's old nemesis Jaws, the indestructible steel-toothed giant. Their adventure leads all the way to a gigantic orbiting space station, where the stage is set for an epic battle for the fate of all mankind...

French release date: October 10, 1979
British release date: June 28, 1979
Us release date: June 29, 1979

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Us poster from the movie Moonraker

Main Cast

  • James Bond
  • Holly Goodhead
  • Hugo Drax
  • Jaws
  • Corinne Dufour
  • M
  • Sir Frederick Gray
  • Q
  • Miss Moneypenny
  • Chang
  • Manuela
  • Dolly - Jaws' Girlfrien
  • Blonde Beauty
  • Col. Scott
  • Hostess Private Jet


$31 000 000

Worldwide Box-office
$210 300 000

Also Known As

  • Ian Fleming's Moonraker (inc)
  • Лунный гонщик (inc)

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