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Moon Pilot




After Charley the chimp undertakes a successful moon orbit, it's a race against time as a reluctant volunteer, Captain Richard Talbot, becomes next in line. The ferociously organized plans of his mission director go hysterically awry when a beautiful "spy" appears. She has a very important bit of data that could save the mission from failure, but the authorities quickly launch their own project, which is a complicated plan to keep astronaut and spy worlds apart, with side-splitting results...

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Us release date: April 05, 1962

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Us poster from the movie Moon Pilot

Main Cast

  • Capt. Richmond Talbot
  • Maj. Gen. John M. Vanneman
  • McClosky aka 'Mac'
  • Lyrae
  • Sen. Henry McGuire
  • Secretary of the Air Force
  • Walter Talbot
  • Medical Officer
  • Agent Brown
  • Mrs. Celia Talbot
  • Col. Briggs

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