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Escape to Witch Mountain




"Disney's thrilling fantasy adventure about the psychic powers of two young orphans. Their clairvoyance prompts evil millionaire Aristotle Bolt (Ray Milland) to lure them to his mansion to exploit their powers. While escaping, they meet a friendly camper (Eddie Albert) and begin to unravel the mystery of their origin. Soon, all three are fleeing townspeople who have branded the children witches. But then IT happens! Someone with even greater powers takes over and leads the children -- and the audience -- into a dazzling and unexpected experience ... one that is truly out of this world!"

Us release date: March 21, 1975

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Us poster from the movie Escape to Witch Mountain

Main Cast

  • Jason O'Day
  • Aristotle Bolt
  • Lucas Deranian
  • Tia Malone
  • Tony Malone
  • Sheriff Purdy
  • Mrs. Grindley
  • Uncle Bene
  • Astrologer
  • Ubermann
  • Biff Jenkins
  • Grocer
  • Truck
  • Guru
  • Gasoline Attendant

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