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Quatermass and the Pit




A London subway excavation abruptly halts when construction workers a cluster of prehistoric skulls and skeletons. Anthropologist Dr. Roney, his assistant Barbara Judd, and space expert Professor Quatermass are driven by curiosity and dig deeper to discover a strange "missle" that is not of this earth.

The eerie juxtaposition of locust, demon-like creatures and a high-tech rocket leads Roney and Quatermass to believe that mankind may owe his intellect and latent psychic powers to the intervention of insectoid creatures from Mars. Even more unsettling...the craft itself appears to still be alive!

British release date: November 09, 1967
Us release date: February 16, 1968

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Us poster from the movie Quatermass and the Pit

Main Cast

  • Dr. Mathew Roney
  • Prof. Bernard Quatermass
  • Barbara Judd
  • Colonel Breen
  • Sladden
  • Capitaine Potter
  • Howell
  • Minister
  • Police Sergeant Ellis
  • Sergeant Cleghorn
  • Jerry Watson
  • Journalist
  • Sapper West
  • Elderly Journalist
  • Vicar

Also Known As

  • Куотермасс и колодец (inc)
  • Five Million Years to Earth (us)

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