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Humanoids from the Deep




The sleepy fishing village of Noyo begins to experience a wave of violence. Men are being murdered and women are being abducted. It comes to light that a genetic experiment has gone awry, and a race of half-man/half-fish creatures are rising from the sea... to mate with human women!

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Us poster from the movie Humanoids from the Deep

Main Cast

  • Jim Hill
  • Dr. Susan Drake
  • Hank Slattery
  • Carol Hill
  • Johnny Eagle
  • Linda Beale
  • Peggy Larsen
  • Jerry Potter
  • Tommy Hill
  • Deke Jensen
  • Dickie Moore
  • Billy
  • Mike Michaels, Radio Announc
  • Sandy, Miss Salmon
  • Becky


Also Known As

  • Monster (inc)
  • Humanoids of the Deep (inc)
  • Monster (Humanoids from the Deep) (inc)
  • Твари из бездны (inc)
  • Beneath the Darkness (us)

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