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The Body Snatcher




Policeman Carlos, investigates a mysterious theft of dead bodies, he visits Dorantes gym, where wrestlers are being trained. Cowboy Guillermo dreams of becoming a wrestler, he makes Dorantes secretary fall in love with him. Wrestler Lobo Negro is stabbed by Panchito, a lottery salesman. His assistant takes the dead body to a secret laboratory where Panchito tries to bring him back to life with the brain of a monkey. The police sends an under cover wrestler (Guillermo) to track down the Death Bodies Thief...

Unknown release date: September 26, 1957

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Unknown poster from the movie The Body Snatcher (Ladrón de cadáveres)

Main Cast

  • Lucía
  • Capt. Carlos Robles
  • Guillermo Santana / El Vampi
  • Don Panchito / The Mad Docto
  • Felipe Dorantes
  • Police Chief
  • El Lobo
  • Cosme Ramírez
  • Rubio, Felipe's assistant
  • ...
  • ...
  • El Tigre

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