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The Incredible Melting Man




Colonel Steve West (Alex Rebar) returns to Earth after an historic space flight to Saturn has afflicted him with a bizarre and unknown disease. As he looks in the mirror he is greeted with the most incredible sight - his face is melting before his very eyes! Hospitalised upon touchdown he starts to develop strange side-effects, a rapidly growing hunger that can be satiated by one six things - blood, skin, sinew, gristle and bone!

He must feed on human flesh and drink the blood of others in order to survive. Escaping his doctor's supervision, he hides out in the woods surrounding a small town. Stalking human prey he begins his nightmarish reign of terror...

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Us poster from the movie The Incredible Melting Man

Main Cast

  • Steve West (The Melting Man)
  • Dr. Ted Nelson
  • General Michael Perry
  • Sheriff Neil Blake
  • Judy Nelson
  • Dr. Loring
  • The Model
  • Carol
  • Little Boy
  • Little Boy
  • Harold
  • Helen
  • Nell Winters
  • Matt Winters
  • Second Security Guard

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